Happy Happy Happy. 30th, June 2008


Three cheers for 'Mad Tracks Xbox360' first Birthday!

We released the game on Wednesday 30th at 10am GMT. Since then 700.000 people played the trial version and 72.000 people trusted us enough to buy the game.

The good news is that it's not de-listed yet and a lot of people still buy it!


We're looking forward to celebrate 'Mad Tracks Xbox360' second Birthday next year!



What level (design) are we on? 10th, June 2008


For those who have never developped video games, you would probably be surprised to see behind the scenes. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes it feels like not working and sometimes it's just an office job. As I write this three of the guys from the level designing team are drinking coffee while playing on a 42' HDTV!

They claim it's for evaluation purposes (how long can you 'evaluate' GTA 4?) but sometimes, it really looks like they're just playing.

These guys are knee deep in level designing ToW and believe it or not, it's tedious to design race tracks.

Not content to have a level design to polish (read: finish), they added all kind of hurdles - to make the development of the game a little harder. In addition to races, ToW features all kind of events within specific races. All kind of things we have to think, design, implement, tweak, test and decide if they're fun enough to keep.


Eventualy, we'll get there. We have a schedule to follow and hungry fans writing us with desperate messages (by the way, the game has an address: tow@loadinc.net, feel free to write, you'll get personalised answer - if you're lucky).


[Offtopic] Load Inc. if official Wii developer since yesterday. I know it doesn't do you any good, but it sure feels good to be trusted by industry giants :)




ToW Teaser 1st, May 2008


Yep, the first moving images of ToW are on the web since last week.

(GameTrailers, TeamXbox, Gamespot, etc.)


In this short video you'll get to see some of the interior of the house.


Stay tuned for some more information on ToW (that's when you're done playing GTA - you nerds!!!).

Pink power. 17th, April 2008


Load Inc. got interviewd by the sexiest gamer in the UK.

And you know what? Not only she can play and kick your ass, but her blog is all you can expect from someone who's got something to say about the gaming world - quirky and smart.

Thanks Arlene for beeing such an ego booster.


Check it out here:


Worthplaying is worth reading. 9th, March 2008


A while ago, a month short of Load Inc's second birthday (Sept 2006), Keith Durocher (Associate Editor @ Worthplaying.com) granted us with our best ever review.


Now we never made games for the press and probably never will, but I admit we are hyper when a respected journalist gives us two thumbs up.


You probably don't remember it, here's the outro:


"I quite like Mad Tracks. It’s a tiny little blast of fun that sets out to do nothing more than entertain for awhile and it succeeds. The sound is admittedly somewhat thin, and there are the forced-replay issues, but I’m willing to be flexible with these setbacks for two reasons: 1- I have so much fun bombing around that it’s pretty easy to overlook these flaws, and 2- this is a small, budget game made by a small, budget team of developers. I’ve seen much worse offerings from much bigger and better funded teams than Load, Inc. I guess I’d have to say that if you loved any of the MarioKart games on your Nintendo, then you’ll love Mad Tracks too.


Score: 89%."

Three cheers! 17th, February 2008


Congrats to our friend Scott and his team from SpiderMonk in Texas.

They signed with the hippest publisher around (no, not Dreamcatcher!!) - SouthPeak.


Now I just need some explanation on the title.

Roogoo? Really?

Press me. 30th, January 2008


Seen in a press release today...


“ToW is what the Xbox LIVE Arcade community has been asking for since day one. It’s a competitive racing game with bits of fun and lots of interactivity if you just want to goof around. After Mad Tracks, we had to concentrate on just racing, but always with a twist,” said Denis Bourdain, big wig at Load Inc. “It’s a fresh racing experience we built on everything we’ve learned in the past 12 years, and it will rock you! We’re very proud to be working with one of the sexiest publishers today. All of our developer friends are just plain jealous. SouthPeak rules!”


Yeah, right! :-)

Happy New Leap Year! 11th, January 2008


Yep, we have a Feb. 29th next month.

One more day in 2008 to:


Tell your family you love them;

Loose that extra pound;

Wait in vain for 'Duke Nukem Forever';

Support your favorite candidate;


Read, make your own opinion, talk about it, argue;

Create a ToW buz with your Xbox friends;

Make egg glasses.


Load Inc. wishes you health, peace, celebrity, tons of cool and a 42' HDTV for this great year ahead.

Sexy potatoe. 7th, January 2008


We have launched today our new web site.

There might still be minor glitches here and there, make sure you tell us if you find anything.

You'll still be able to buy online, check new news and get our contact information but in a much clearer fashion.

Nothing to do with the sexy potatoe on the left, but we like it.


Cheers y'all and a happy happy happy super dupper extra special 2008 to you.

Faster Pussycat Kill Kill 12th, December 2007


Today Load Inc. announced a partnership with Assassin Studio in Seattle.

Douglas Boze is as sharp as it comes, we trust he will make Mad Tracks PC a reality in North America.

“With over 1.2 million downloads of the trial version of Mad Tracks on PC and over 630,000 XBLA downloads, we are very excited about the possibilities of coupling this product with the right distributor in North America”, says Doug. Trust us, you don't want to make him mad.