Vibrations for your enjoyment 23rd, November 2007


Well, well, well. He did it.

Florian had a moment of calm and added the vibrating pad feature. Now, even if you look away, you'll know when that rocket hits you, or when you're too close to the wall. Bob Marley was already praising vibration in his songs, it has to be a must have. On top of things, here's one thing we deliver that you won't get on a PS3!

Have a good one and cover up! Winter is coming!

One for all, all for PLAY ALL. 18th, November 2007


Five French developers unite for a common middleware standard. PLAY ALL is initiated by Darkworks, Kylotonn, Load Inc., White Birds Productions, Wizarbox and supported by major French engineering schools in computer science and technology start-ups. These five companies are setting up a common game technology company and technology centre specifically to house the middleware project and gather a team of more than 40 engineers over the next 2 years.


Who said we couldn't be serious??

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Movin' out! 17th, October 2007


We realise this news is no news since no one really knew where the studio was prior to moving. Well we moved to a bigger place in the center of Paris, right next to the restaurant you can race in Mad Tracks. Yep, it's a real place - you're welcome to go there, the boss is a doll and the food is yum yum yummy. Cheers y'all.

And the winner is... 4th, September 2007


"Mad Tracks XBLA" trilogy was nominated to compete in the best French console game category.

The competition will be held from September 21st to 23rd during the annual French Video Game Festival in Paris.


On opening night, a grand jury Directed by Frederick RAYNAL (Alone in the dark) will declare the best of the best in 5 categories.

Mad Tracks was praised by the jury for its depth, playability, original gameplays, popular success and overall quality.

Competition will be tough against UbiSoft GRAW2, but Denis (our VP) is already jumping around: "competing against GRAW2 in an official award ceremony is a victory already. Being selected by Frederick RAYNAL and his jury makes us all hyper!! We hope this will prove that size doesn’t (always) matter. We also are very happy our friends from Hydravision are selected in this prestigious race. They deserve to win as much as we do.

Go East !! 21st, August 2007


For the second time it's its history, Load inc. has gone East!

East to Leipzig, Germany to meet the entire industry and grab a beer with the finest video game developers.

For what it's worth, we pitched ToW, our soon to come XBLA racer. Sorry, can't say more about it... Tschuss!

Three Cheers 25th, July 2007


Bravo is out this Wednesday and it's a good news for all 'Mad Tracks' enthusiasts.

This 15 challenge extension will make you jump for joy.

Three new cool places to visit (a dance hall, a museum and the icy Antartica).

Get "Mad Tracks Bravo" now or we kill the remaining of the stuffed bunny family.

Encore ! Encore ! 27th, June 2007


You think you had enough? Think again.

Mad Tracks comes back on your Xbox 360 with three brand new environments including a German Castle, a USA skyline and a Victorian stair case. Care for a bobsleigh race? Feel like escaping from raising waters?

Get "Mad Tracks Encore" now or we kill a stuffed bunny. I'm serious.

PayPal gets Mad! 25th, June 2007


PayPal is THE online payment service with over 100 million registered users taking advantage of the service to pay for their orders online.

You can now use your PayPal account to purchase Mad Tracks PC.

This great and secure option completes a full range of payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro/Solo, wire transfer, cheque and cash - you can even pay it in drinks if you meet us at the pub) to make shopping at easier and safer. We care about our customers and our coffee machine.

Mad Tracks XBLA is doing a coming out. 30th, May 2007


Yeah! We did it.

The first French XBLA game ever in the whole universe is out. We feel like we won an Oscar :)

We'd like to thanks our co-publisher D3P, our family and friends, Steven Spielberg, Pamela Anderson, our fart box, the coffee machine, Machine Union for its very silent support and everyone who made this possible.

What are you still doing here? Go! Fire up that 360 and start downloading like crazy!!

Final no Fantasy 15th, May 2007


Mad Tracks XBLA has passed final Xbox certification and is good to go. Microsoft, D3P and Load Inc. are still adjusting a release date. Thanks for everyone's patience; the wait is soon over :-)

I can't wait to get my hands dirty in those 84 leaderboards!!!